SpiderMan 2-Teaser Trailer


The web slinger (Tobey Maguire) fights a new nemesis, the evil Dr. Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina), while attempting to maintain a normal life as a college student. His secrets put all his personal relationships in peril, however.

Release Year: 2004

*Star:Tobey Maguire
*Star:Kirsten Dunst
*Star:Alfred Molina
*Star:James Franco
*Star:Rosemary Harris
*Star:J.K. Simmons
*Composer:Danny Elfman
*Director:Sam Raimi
*Director of Photography:Bill Pope
*Executive Producer:Joseph M. Caracciolo
*Executive Producer:Stan Lee
*Producer:Laura Ziskin
*Producer:Avi Arad
*Screenwriter:Alvin Sargent
*Story:Michael Chabon

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