National Treasure-Jon Voight Interview


The actor talks about his role in the film.

For centuries, a family of treasure hunters has sought the famed war chest hidden by the heroes of the Revolutionary War. Now Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) has finally pinpointed it--or rather, pinpointed the location of the map: It's on the back of the Declaration of Independence. But he's not the only one who's figured it out.

*Star:Nicolas Cage
*Star:Justin Bartha
*Star:Sean Bean
*Star:Diane Kruger
*Star:Harvey Keitel
*Star:Jon Voight
*Composer:Trevor Rabin
*Director:John Turtletaub
*Director of Photography:Caleb Deschanel
*Producer:Christina Steinberg
*Producer:Jerry Bruckheimer
*Producer:John Turtletaub
*Screenwriter:Cormac Wibberly
*Screenwriter:Marianne Wibberly

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